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Mobile Virtual Microscope

Access and Visualization of Whole Slide Images from mobile devices

Real integration of virtual microscopy applications with the pathologist workflow requires the design of adaptable strategies that use the resources available from any location in hospitals. Nowadays, mobile devices have the actual potential of supporting an online pervasive network of pathologists working together. However, such devices are still very limited, namely low-bandwidth, low storage capacities, small memory, CPU power and display size. In this project, we propose a novel highly adaptable strategy for streaming and visualizing virtual microscopical slides (VMS) from mobile devices. The presented approach is lossless, interoperable, uses a data granular presentation, loosely-coupled, decoder independent and fully adaptable to any interaction model. This prototype is still in development. Please send suggestions, comments and error reports to <a href=""></a> Binary (socket ed): <a href="programs/VirtualMicroscope.apk">Mobile version</a> > Requires Android 3.2 or higher. Use the IP and the port 12005. <a href="programs/">Desktop version</a> > Requires Java 6. You must put the kdu library (kdu.dll for windows and for linux) in a system library folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jdk1.6.0_XX/bin or /usr/lib, for example). Source code avaiable soon!